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Club vice president's duties

Support the president

A well-organized and properly operating Key Club should have a properly trained vice president who is prepared to administer the Key Club in the absence of the president.

Plan programs and education

  • Utilize the Make Your Meetings Move resource or other resources to plan effective ways to start the meeting.
  • Work with the president to invite and coordinate special guests and speakers for club meetings and events.
  • Work with the president to plan an annual goal-setting retreat for officers and board members to attend.
  • Conduct a new-member-education program for all new members.

Oversee the committee system

  • Utilize the member information form to determine what committees each member would like to serve on.
  • Assign all members to serve on at least one committee.
  • Arrange for committee meetings to occur monthly at club meetings.
  • Attend the monthly meetings of the committees as an ex-officio member and advisor.
  • Collect all of the monthly reports of the committees and turn them in to the secretary.
  • Attend all meetings of the project committee as a counselor and ex-officio member.

Support officers

  • Gather material for and help edit a club newsletter.
  • See that a weekly club newsletter is produced.
  • Make sure the club secretary mails in the club monthly reports.

Additional duties

  • Attend the club’s board of director meetings.
  • Talk to prospective members of the Key Club and help them decide whether or not to join.
  • Assist the vice president-elect in becoming acquainted with his/her duties and receive all materials and knowledge base from the past club vice president.