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The juicy scoop on Key Club

How did Key Club get started?
Key Club was originally developed as a vocational guidance program meant to compete with the elite student fraternities of the time. The idea evolved into a youth organization that serves the home, school and community.

Where did the Key Club name come from?
In 1925, California State Commissioner of Schools Albert C. Olney and vocational education teacher Frank C. Vincent, both Kiwanians, worked to establish the first Key Club at Sacramento High School in California. The club was comprised of “key” boys in the school, willing to serve the school in any way possible and to create better school spirit. Thus, the club was named Key Club.

What is the newest district?
In 2005, Key Club International added the Caribbean-Atlantic District.

What’s the smallest district?
The Caribbean-Atlantic District has 15 clubs and 439 members.

What’s the largest district?
The California-Nevada-Hawaii District is the largest district. It has 38,792 members.

Where is the longest running Key Club?
Though Sacramento High School in California was the first Key Club, it is not the longest running Key Club. The Sacramento High School Key Club was reorganized in 1946, but retained its charter number 1. The Blazer High School Key Club in Ashland, Kentucky, is the longest running active Key Club. It was chartered February 19, 1928. Ashland, Kentucky, is also home to the first ever Builders Club, which was formed in 1975.