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  • Key Club through the years

    Break out the streamers, candles and birthday cake! Did you know that Key Club turns 90 this year? (We look good for our age!) While clothes and hair styles have changed throughout the years—as you’ll see below—our commitment to helping others has remained the same. 

    October 1958
    Though girls were still a long way off from gaining entry into Key Club, it didn’t mean they couldn’t still grace the cover of Key Club magazine (called ...

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  • Swapping cultural experiences

    Story by Jack Brockley
    Photos in Hawaii by Tony Novak-Clifford

    Muumuus, kimonos, leis and jeans. Koto music and hula dancing. Volcanoes and paper cranes. 

    This past year, 14 Hilo, Hawaii, High School Key Club members swapped cultural experiences with 12 Sumoto, Japan, students through an exchange coordinated by Sister Cities International and the Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii. It was, the Key Clubbers report, an adventure never to be forgotten. 

    In August, the Sumoto teens ...

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  • Life and school: A balancing act

    Do I join this club and drop that one? Which team should I try out for? Can I be in the school play and still keep a job? 

    High school forces us to make choices. If we don’t make them, our lives can become overwhelming. We commit to too much, and instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, we feel exhausted and miserable. So how do we keep our lives from running us in circles? The ...

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  • Is Key Club worth it?

    Picture this: You’re in the middle of a huge Key Club service project. You find out that the supplies you ordered will arrive late, and some of the community volunteers you were counting on have bailed on you. You’re running low on sleep and patience. You know the project will get done somehow, but right now you’re thinking, “Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?” 

    We asked a couple of Key Club ...

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  • 1984 stress quiz

    The quiz below ran in the April 1984 issue of Keynoter, the previous name for Key Club magazine. It appears that stress was a factor for teens even way back then. 

    Are you heading for stress overload? 

    This quiz to test your vulnerability to stress was developed by Lyle H. Miller and Alma Dell Smith, Psychologists at Boston University Medical Center. The following statements reflect some factors that influence your ability to deal with stress. Read the ...

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  • West Coast chill

    Newbury Park High School Key Club
    Newbury Park, California
    34.1842° N, 118.9107° W

    Rechartered in 2001
    52 members

    Despite the swank SoCal zip code (a hot spot among celebrities), many residents in the area need assistance, and this Key Club has earned a reputation for its unselfishness and enthusiasm in lending a hand. 

    Last Christmas the club adopted a local family living below the poverty line and raised US$700 for gifts and essential needs. At a Wheels to ...

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  • Mountain fever

    Centennial High School Key Club
    Calgary, Alberta
    51.0500° N, 114.0667° W

    Founded in 2012
    62 members

    Since starting two years ago, the club has quickly built up membership by recruiting through social media. 


    During its Spread the Warmth winter clothing drive, the club gathered 64 jackets to donate to Samaritan’s Purse International Relief. The group also raised US$1,300 for 700 tetanus vaccinations for The Eliminate Project by organizing a bake sale, silent auction, guessing contest (with a jar of ...

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  • Southern charm

    Southwest Georgia Home School Association Key Club
    Albany, Georgia
    31.5822° N, 84.1656° W

    Founded in 2003
    55 members

    Because they’re part of a home schooling group, the students are all different—their backgrounds, their religions and even the curriculum they’re learning. Those differences bring fresh ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. 

    The club’s advisor is the division coordinator for The Eliminate Project. Her husband, a 19-year member of the Kiwanis Club of Dougherty County, had the idea to start the home school-based Key ...

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  • One direction

    Story by Jamie Moore

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of a tiny club in the countryside, a club of 200 members in an urban cityscape or something in between. As Key Clubbers, we’re all working to make the world a better place— starting with our own schools and communities. 

    Click on the images below to see how four clubs across North America—in places ranging from the mountains of Calgary, Alberta, to the island beaches of Oranjestad, Aruba— are fulfilling Key ...

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  • Island splash

    Colegio Arubano Key Club 
    Oranjestad, Aruba 
    12.5000° N, 69.9667° W 

    Founded in 1976
    70 members 

    Every two months the club organizes a beach cleanup. Members want to help keep the community’s beaches clean so tourists get a good impression. 

    The club hands out the school’s Best Teacher Awards each year. Students vote for their favorite teachers in various categories, and the winners receive gifts donated to Key Club. In December, club members brought snacks and gifts to a seniors home where ...

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