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  • Is Key Club worth it?

    Picture this: You’re in the middle of a huge Key Club service project. You find out that the supplies you ordered will arrive late, and some of the community volunteers you were counting on have bailed on you. You’re running low on sleep and patience. You know the project will get done somehow, but right now you’re thinking, “Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?” 

    We asked a couple of Key Club ...

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  • All in the family

    How a family full of Kiwanians inspired Maggie Cruz-Ledon 
    Story by Jamie Moore

    Maggie was the little girl who tagged along. She joined her mom, a Spanish teacher and Key Club advisor, for more Miami Beach Senior High School Key Club service projects than she could count on her fingers. 

    And when Maggie’s Kiwanian dad traveled to district and international conventions, Maggie and her two sisters got to go. They took trips to Chicago, Toronto and ...

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  • Two paths, one future

    Seniors have options for continuing to serve and connect 

    Story by Aimee Morgan 

    Change. It’s what senior years are made of. And the biggest change is yet to come when you flip that tassel. 

    At this point, you may be concerned about getting a job, doing laundry or sharing a dorm room. But there are a couple things you don’t have to worry about: making new friends and keeping old ones. 

    The Kiwanis family has ...

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