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  • Follow the leader

    Why our world needs leaders and followers—and where you fit in

    Story by Nicole Harris 

    Imagine you’re sitting in your school’s auditorium for a school-wide rally. The rally’s main speaker poses a question: “Do you believe you’re a leader?” If your answer is “yes,” the speaker says, “Raise your hand.” 

    What would you do? Raise your hand immediately? Look around to see if your friends were raising theirs? Or keep your hand at your side?  ...

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  • Core values

    Key Club is in no way an “all-about-me” organization. You joined to help your school and to hone your leadership skills. When you focus on the Key Club core values of caring, leadership, inclusiveness and character building, you’ll discover you get something back too.

    Story by Nicole Keller

    A smile is the universal key for entry into any situation because people are hardwired to respond. Those are your mirror neurons at work, says Marco Iacoboni, a ...

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