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Make Key Club Week your own—just like these four clubs did

We love Key Club, yes we do! We love Key Club, how about you? 

Being a Key Clubber is an awesome thing, and Key Club Week is the ideal time to share how amazing Key Club is, too. Key Club Week, the first full week in November, is a five-day celebration of what it means to be a Key Clubber. Each day has its own theme. Last year's dates and themes were: 

These are just suggestions, so feel free to tailor the ideas to your school and community. And with Friday’s wild card—“Your way”—you and your club can definitely make Key Club Week your own. Check out how these four Key Clubs used their creativity to make their Key Club Weeks a smashing success. 

Deer Park High School Key Club members kicked off Key Club Week with a scavenger hunt—with a twist. Each action on the list gave non-Key Clubbers a better idea of what types of projects the club does throughout the year. For example, participants were asked to donate a gently used kids’ toy for the club to donate to a child during the Christmas season. This helped the club get a head start on getting the supplies and volunteers it needed for its activities. The club ended Key Club Week with a school-wide blood drive. 

Key Clubbers at Green Hope High School took “Show your K in every way” to a new level—a “top-secret” level. Each year, the club chooses a yearlong theme for its scrapbook design, meetings and induction ceremony. This year’s theme, “Secret Service,” inspired the Key Clubbers to dress up like James Bond for the day, complete with bowties, sunglasses and mustaches. Classmates asked them why they were dressed up as spies, which gave them the perfect opportunity to talk about Key Club and invite them to a meeting or project. Like the Deer Park High School Key Clubbers, they also set up a scavenger hunt—this time with QR codes that led participating “detectives” to the next location. The first three students to take a selfie at the final destination won prizes. 


Punxsutawney Area High School Key Clubbers hosted a thank-you breakfast for teachers for “Kudos to the Key players.” The menu: scrambled eggs, waffles, sausage, donuts and fruit, all prepared by the students themselves. The club’s other events included getting an article about Key Club Week in the local newspaper and selling tickets and making popcorn for the community’s movie theater, which relies on volunteers to stay open. 

Only about a four-hour drive away from the Punxsutawney Area High School, another Pennsylvania Key Club was gearing up for its Key Club Week finale: a basketball camp for students from kindergarten to sixth grade. Members teamed up with Kiwanians and the boys’ and girls’ basketball programs to host the event in the school’s gymnasium for free.

All photos courtesy of the profiled clubs

Find out more about Key Club Week and start planning for next year!