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Step up for moms ... and babies too

Kick off your club’s Eliminate Week May 5–9

Looking for a fun and easy springtime project? Then take a look at Eliminate Week! It’s a ready-to-go fundraiser to support The Eliminate Project. The official dates for Eliminate Week are May 5–9, 2014, which is the week before Mother’s Day. The timing is great, because Mother’s Day reminds us all of our connection with our own moms. Through The Eliminate Project, we’re working to keep moms and babies healthy and together. 

You can find ideas for your Eliminate Week at On the Key Club page, there’s an easy-to-use step-by-step planning guide. Cruise the other Kiwanis-family sites for ideas. Here are a few to inspire you: 

Spread the word, save a life

Choose a day to post about The Eliminate Project on social media once every hour. And help others learn about maternal and neonatal tetanus and how everyone can make a difference. 

Give-something-up day 

Give up a pack of gum, a cup of coffee or a new pair of shoes and donate the money you would have spent to The Eliminate Project instead. Encourage everyone in the school to do the same thing! Then calculate how many lives they’ll save or protect. Just divide their total contribution by US$1.80. 

Flower power 

Plan a week of “spirit days” and sell carnations and snacks at school in a cart or wagon. Students can share the carnations with friends or take one home to their mom! Check out Builders Club's how-to guide to get started.

Clubs that take part in Eliminate Week are eligible for fundraising recognition and an Eliminate Week patch. Don't forget to submit the Kiwanis-family giving form with any donation to The Eliminate Project.