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  • Let’s do a little math

    Here’s a very practical—and meaningful—application of your math skills: Let’s say that each year you raised enough money for The Eliminate Project to be personally responsible for saving three lives. At US$1.80 for a set of vaccines, how much would that be?

    US$1.80 x 3 lives = US$5.40

    That’s pretty ...

  • We’ve reached the US$1 million mark!

    As of the end of November, members of CKI, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids and Aktion Club have donated more than US$1 million to The Eliminate Project. That translates to 555,555 lives saved or protected! But there’s much more work to be done: Keep up the effort to educate ...

  • Make 2013 your year to be a Key Leader!

    Don’t you love looking ahead to a brand-new calendar year, wondering what the days and weeks and months will bring? Before too many of those dates fill up with meetings and projects and fundraisers, see where a Key Leader weekend fits in.

     Key Leaderis a weekend retreat experience ...

  • Wrapping up the holidays

    Check out this holiday fundraiser, service project and fun event, all wrapped into one: gift-wrapping.  Here’s how:

    • Pick a busy weekend in early December.
    • Talk to management of a mall, discount store or department store about your gift-wrapping idea.
    • Set up a couple tables near an entrance.
    • Purchase a variety ...

  • Get sponsored for convention!

    The 70th Annual Key Club International Convention doesn’t start until July 2013, but now’s the perfect time to begin raising money to attend.

    Have you heard of the one-third plan? Key Club International suggests you follow this formula to pay for your convention experience in Washington, D.C.

    • Pay one-third of ...

  • Tracking our progress: On target to eliminate MNT

    As of September 2012, the Kiwanis family has raised more than US$18.2 million for The Eliminate Project, which will save or protect more than 10 million mothers and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Those who have held fundraisers and those who have made contributions of any size ...

  • Recognition for your contributions to The Eliminate Project

    Mothers and babies all over the world are benefiting from your work to raise funds for The Eliminate Project. It’s time to be recognized for your efforts.
    New this Kiwanis year, starting October 1, 2012, all CKI [or Key Club or Aktion Club or Builders Club or K-Kids] members ...

  • Eliminating MNT: Three down, 31 to go

    Recently the World Health Organization conducted validation surveys in China, East Timor and Tanzania, and the results show that these countries have eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus. That’s a big deal! In these three countries, the lives of newborns and mothers are now free from the anguish of tetanus.

    Since ...

  • Say “thank you” to your favorite Kiwanians

    What are you thankful for this year? How about your sponsoring Kiwanis club? This Thanksgiving, show the Kiwanians who support your Key Club how grateful you are for their time. Before your December calendar fills up, contact your Kiwanis advisor to plan a holiday party or joint service project.

  • Time to turn in your Trick-or-Treat funds!

    Halloween festivities are over, but there’s still reason to celebrate: Your hard work and creative costume ideas brought in donations for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It’s now time to transform those funds into something even better than Halloween treats: A way to protect mothers and babies.
    Once you have ...

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