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  • Reaching recruits: Attract alumni with a good story

    If you’re looking to recruit new members, don’t forget a group with rich recruiting potential: the Key Club International alumni associations. Alumni association members are service-minded people. They’re familiar with Kiwanis. They’re looking to do more. Privacy policies prevent Kiwanis and its alumni associations from distributing contact lists—but you can ...

  • Use a trusted source for website domains

    Does your club have a website, or are you thinking about creating one? In conjunction with Club Resource, the Kiwanis International Web team has hand-picked Hover as the domain vendor of choice for Kiwanis-family clubs and districts.

    Hover offers a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface free of popups and high-pressure add-ons. Hover ...

  • Kiwanis One Day call for contest entries

    CircleYou may have exciting plans for Kiwanis One Day on April 21, but imagine how much more exciting that day will be with a video crew there recording your cause. Use the video to show your community and the Kiwanis community the impact your group was able to make in ...

  • Numbers never lie: What truths are your website analytics telling you?

    Numbers never lie - photo of numbers on a machine printer

    “Web analytics is like accounting for the Internet,” according to Reid Carr, founder of San Diego’s Red Door Interactive.  Just as your club hears the treasurer’s report regularly so should it be with your website’s analytics. These numbers should give you enough feedback to determine if your club website is ...

  • Be part of Key Leader in 2012

    Students at Key Leader

    This could be your New Year’s resolution: to be part of Key Leader. Key Leader is a weekend experience that teaches high school–age students like you about leading by serving. After these talks, workshops and team building exercises, participants leave the weekend with newly-formed friendships, renewed self-awareness, a heart for ...

  • Seeking convention production team members

    2010 Key Club International Convention - concert

    Key Club International is offering four convention production team positions to qualified former Key Club members who want to assist in the preparation and production of the 2012 Key Club International Convention in Orlando, Florida.

    The positions are open to former Key Club members who held a district or International office ...

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