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  • We don't make Keys, we open doors.

    by: Matt Dunaj

    One of the things I heard at my first Key Club meeting was that in Key Club we don’t make keys, but we do open doors.

    As a skeptical sophomore I passed this off as just a cheesy slogan, but after being in Key Club for more than ...

  • Who are our generation's movers and shakers?

    by: Carly Chaput

    Having entered Key Club towards the end of my freshmen year, after hearing they were having a pizza party after school, I quickly got caught up in the awesome excitement of service and helping others. During my time in Key Club I served as my club's bulletin editor, ...

  • Day two wrap-up

    by: Alfre Wimberley

    This ICON had another awesome day!

    The breakfast at Planet Hollywood was great with our assigned clubs. After, the Carolinas club went to the backstage of Cirque du Soleil and it was amazing all the stuff that goes into making that show happen so we missed the first ...

  • 8 Reasons Key Club is the best youth leadership group

    by: Grace Bampton, Capital District Lt. Governor 10A

    1. The bonds we create with the people we serve and the people we serve with.
    2. The dedication to service.
    3. We are student-led from top to bottom.
    4. Our K-Family! <3 (Key Club can help with transitions, like graduating high school)
    5. It is the ...

  • How do student led organizations create servant leaders?

    Zara Williams at Key Club International Convention

    by: Zara Williams

    "Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living."

    Albert Einstein gives to us in this quote the notion that service is not only an important part of life, but that it is in fact service which makes life worthwhile. This notion, in my ...

  • Key Club twitterati

    Looking for the International Convention back channel?  Find it on Twitter or Tumblr with a quick search for the tag keyclub12.  

    Do you have a story to share?  Has Key Club impacted your life or have you seen Key Club improve the lives of others?   We'd love ...

  • International convention: Day 1 in review

    by: Maha Aziz

    Key Club International Convention (ICON) has been a wonderful experience so far! Today we had our opening session with speaker Eden Sher, who plays a character on the TV show "The Middle."  She gave an inspirational speech on believing in oneself and never giving up on your ...

  • When people ask me why I'm in Key Club, here's the story I tell them.

    by: Kevin Lau

    When people ask me why I'm in Key Club, here's the story I tell them.

    One spring day a clean, brisk breeze brewed across the Bay Area with a brilliant light shining upon a certain college some twenty miles away from home. Over one hundred bright, yellow ...

  • Nominating conference results

    Caucusing is a labor of love.  After 4 solid hours of speeches, Q&A and some awkward moments, here are the results of the nominating conference.  The following candidates will go before the Key Club International House of Delegates Saturday July 7.

    Candidates for president

    • Kayla Lash
    • Rebecca Riley

    Candidates for ...

  • Stories from International Convention

    There are over 1,700 students joining us this week in Orlando for international convention.  With that many people there have been some amazing stories to share.  Here's a list of some of the best stories from ICON.  Follow these Tumblr blogs for continuing international convention updates.

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