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  • 11 ways to pay it forward

    When we do something kind for friends, family and even strangers, it’s only a matter of time before that kindness comes back to us. Here are 11 ways you can pay it forward—and give yourself some good karma.

    1. If you see some shopping carts “hanging out” in the parking ...

  • Key Club logic puzzle

    It’s the first meeting of the year, and the officers have forgotten their seating assignments in the front row. Help the five officers not only find their seats, but also help them figure out what ...

  • Key TV: Meet the Key Club International Board

    Want to know more about this year’s Key Club International board? Check out the latest edition of Key TV. Meet these Key Club leaders in person at the 71st Key Club International Convention in Anaheim, California, next summer.

    Sound bites

    President Raeford: “My favorite movie is Talladega Nights.”

    Vice President Rachel: ...

  • Give back this holiday season

    November and December are two of the most popular months to volunteer. That’s a good thing—it’s a time when many people and groups need the most help.

    The project ideas listed below might not be new to you, but their impact on others is something worth repeating. Here are some ...

  • What we can learn from kids’ notes

    We all know kids say the darndest things, but there’s a lot we can actually learn from them, too. If nothing else, we can just enjoy the entertainment they bring.

    Life goals
    Source: tumblr

    It’s never too early to start making a list of goals that you want to accomplish during your ...

  • “Icebreaker—straight ahead!”

    Icebreakers are a great way to, well, break the ice during your meetings and spark some fun and  energy. Here are two icebreaker ideas to get you started.

    “May I join you?”

    Time: 10–20 minutes

    Supplies needed: 4 notecards

    The game: Pick four volunteers to be leaders of each corner ...

  • World Prematurity Day—November 17

    World Prematurity Day is Sunday, November 17. This is the day the March of Dimes teams up with organizations around the world —including members of the Kiwanis family—to raise awareness about the issue of prematurity and how it can be prevented.

    Team up with your club to raise awareness about ...

  • Show your K in every way

    Key Club Week

    It’s finally the best week of the year—Key Club Week! Today’s theme is “Show your K in every way.” Did you wear your Key Club T-shirt to school today? Find out more about how your club can participate for a chance to win a pizza party!

    Key Clubbers everywhere ...

  • Host a “super service hour”

    Super service hour

    What do your club members do during meetings? If your club meetings aren’t as fun and spontaneous as you’d like them to be, try a “super service hour.” During a super service hour, club members help with a quick, easy and fun service project.

    Here are two ideas to get ...

  • Bridge the gap

    Bridge the gap

    5 fun ways to connect with Kiwanis-family clubs during Kiwanis Family Month

    When you think of family, you probably think about mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and your favorite aunt and uncle. But your family is really much bigger than that. You’re a member of Key Club, and that ...

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