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  • Introducing the 2013-14 Key Club International board

    Today at the House of Delegates of the 70th Annual Key Club International Convention, our student leadership elected the officers and trustees which will serve on the 2013-14 Key Club International Board.

    We are pleased to announce that Raeford Penny from the Capital District was elected the 2013-14 Key Club ...

  • The Top Five Reasons to Love ICON

    By New Jersey District Editor Pak Chau and New Jersey District Lieutenant Governor of Division 16 Erik Lim

    Reason #1: The Atmosphere

    The 2013 Key Club International Convention was held in Washington D.C. - what better possible place to be than on the weekend of the Fourth of July? With ...

  • New brand guidelines and learning about The Eliminate Project

    Hey Key Clubbers! Today we started off with meet the candidates and let me tell you, there were plenty of great candidates running for international office. It's definitely going to be a tough vote this year. 

    We also had many great workshops. I went to the Eliminate workshop, a graphic ...

  • The 70th Annual Key Club International Convention is underway

    Hey Key Clubbers! Whether you're at home or staying in the nations capital, I hope you're enjoying your week. If you aren't attending ICON, you can easily go to this URL to see what's going on:

    Key Club had a fun, entertaining day including a 5 hour caucusing session, ...

  • Stay connected with the new Key Club app

    Key Club International convention is awesome. Meeting new people, learning new things and seeing a new city are all a part of the experience. But don’t miss out on the fun. Be in the know by staying connected in real time with the 2013 Key Club convention app.

    The app ...

  • Eliminate Week honored mothers

    Aktion Clubs, Builders Clubs, K-Kids clubs and Key Clubs like yours honored their mothers by using Mother’s Day week (May 6-10) to raise funds and awareness for The Eliminate Project.

    For Eliminate Week, Bowling Green K-Kids showed off their talents; Albuquerque Aktion Club members sold cookies. The Tenafly Key ...

  • Key Club International Convention: Live streaming!

    Don't miss out on what's happening during Key Club ICON general sessions, watch live streaming and stay informed. Be sure to share this link with others in your district who may not be able to attend, including parents. 

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