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  • 7 ways to write a strong résumé

    Applying to college? Fighting for competitive scholarships? Be prepared! Recruiters and employers look at your résumé for an average of only six seconds. Here are some tips to make every second count.

    1) Can I have your number?

    There are a lot of do’s and don’ts for résumés. One of ...

  • Measured progress: Fewer babies die from tetanus

    Fewer babies are dying from neonatal tetanus thanks to Kiwanis International, UNICEF and its partners.

    One baby now dies every 11 minutes from neonatal tetanus—a 15 percent drop from 2010 to 2013. Approximately 9,000 fewer babies die each year—25 fewer each day—from neonatal tetanus according to a new report published by the Child ...

  • 31 jokes of Halloween

    Everyone loves a good joke. Here are 31 that will either make you roll your eyes or give you a good chuckle.

    1. Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they're thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid.

    2. Q. What’s a mummy's favorite type of music? A. Wrap.

    3. Q. ...

  • Key Club alumni program

    The Key Club experience doesn’t have to be over once a student graduates. Service is a lifelong journey, and no matter where a student goes, Key Club stays with them.  After high school, former Key Club members remain members of Kiwanis International through the Key Club International Alumni program. It’s ...

  • Arizona State University Leadership Scholarship Program open to applicants

    The Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP) recognizes outstanding high school graduating seniors who have achieved excellence in leadership and service. Up to 25 students will be selected for the scholarship.

    Established in 1977 to develop exceptional leadership skills among promising scholars, this program has a long-standing history at Arizona State University. ...

  • Kiwanis Family Month is almost here!

    We’re all aware of how awesome Key Club is, but did you know that Key Club is actually part of something even bigger? We call it the Kiwanis family, and it offers something for everyone.

    The Kiwanis family includes the following clubs:

  • Are you ready for the best weekend ever?

    Are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready to make amazing new friends? Are you ready for the best weekend ever? If so, it sounds like you’re ready to experience Key Leader!

    Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program. This life-changing event focuses on service leadership, an approach ...

  • Get connected

    Does your Key Club have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account? Check out these tips on connecting with members in your club, in other clubs and the whole Key-Club-o-sphere.

    Download the pdf: Get Connected infographic

  • Board blog: #Palabowlo

    Hello, Key Clubbers!

    Working together. Brainstorming ideas. Sharing successes and struggles. That’s what the Key Club International Board did during our meeting the first weekend of October—making progress and decisions that ultimately make a positive impact on your Key Club experience.

    We also made an exciting announcement: Key Club International’s ...

  • 3 steps to real bullying prevention


    Did you know that schools’ current bully-prevention programs might actually make the problem worse?

    That’s right! According to a study published in the Journal of Criminology and reported by  CBS News, programs that share examples of bullying give kids more ideas of how to hurt others.

    So what ...

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