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  • New look for New Year’s resolutions

    2017 is coming and it’s time to think about changes we want to make in our lives next year. Unfortunately breaking your New Year’s resolution before February is almost as much a tradition as making a resolution in the first place. (Congrats to you if you’ve kept yours the entire ...

  • 4 Reasons to go to district convention

    If we’re being honest, we know #postDCONsyndrome is real. So before it sets in make sure you get as much out of your district convention as you can.  It’s the perfect time to highlight the amazing work you and your club have done throughout the year.  And make sure ...

  • Your holiday wish list reinvented

    Studies have shown that experiences make us happier than things, so why not add something different to your holiday wish list this year? Whether you're the creative type that likes to get your hands dirty in a pottery class, or you're an adrenaline junkie ready for an adventure, we have ...

  • Key Club: best of 2016

    The rest of the world thought that 2016 was pretty rough, but in Key Club it was great. Here are some of our best highlights from the year: 

    More members than ever before
    Clubs really went above and beyond this year with recruitment. We usually say that Key Club membership ...

  • Thirsty 30 is coming!

    Key Club is teaming up with Thirst Project to dominate the global water crisis! This January, we will participate in Thirsty 30. Clubs will collectively commit to raise money for clean water projects, especially in Swaziland. Feel free to join in the fun anytime before the official launch in ...

  • Top 10 Reasons to consider an Up with People Journey!

    Written by: Hayley Lutz, Up with People Alumna and former Key Club Member
    It’s the holiday season, and there is no better time to express gratitude. I’m sitting here reflecting on two of my biggest passions, Key Club and Up with People, and how the two became one over the ...

  • Pancakes with a purpose

    On National Pancake Day, we need your help. All too often, the request for a donation in exchange for the free short stack of pancakes is forgotten. Volunteers are needed to share with restaurant guests that there is a purpose behind the pancakes. Members can sign up in two hour ...

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