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  • Sister Cities Youth Leadership Summit

    Check out the program that will offer specialized diplomatic simulations moderated by the U.S. Diplomacy Center, site visits, speaker sessions and peer collaborations to help you understand the complex world of international affairs. Learn problem-solving strategies and leadership skills and gain insight into global relations.

    Past YLS participants reported ...

  • Professionalism: What NOT to do

    You’ve heard it over and over again: Be professional, be polite, be courteous. But what do these things actually mean? When it’s time to apply for a new position within Key Club, or a job outside of Key Club, knowing the answer will come in handy.

    Professionalism encompasses a ...

  • Helpful tips for officers using the app

    If you are a newly elected officer taking over your club’s app process or looking to introduce the app for the first time, here are some helpful tips!
    • Review the manual featuring step-by-step instructions on how to understand the app from an officer’s perspective. It details how to find ...

  • Happy International Day of Happiness!

    In honor of International Day of Happiness on today, we’re teaming up with Project Happiness again. Here are three ways to spread happiness in your community:

    • Think of what makes you happy. Write what makes you happy on a plain piece of paper. Hold it up and take a ...

  • Advisors: 3 simple ways to empower club members

    One key responsibility of a Key Club advisor is to empower students to lead the club and make decisions. Here are three simple ways advisors can help boost confidence:
    • Ask for their input. When members wonder what the club should do next, ask them for their thoughts. If they ...

  • KFAM kicks off 2017 by giving clean water!

    Key Clubs have been extremely involved in the clean water initiative, filling envelopes with donations as a fundraising tool. Clubs determine how many members are participating, assign each member a numbered envelope and then have each member commit to raise the number on his or her envelope. The average ...

  • And the winner is....

    Congratulations to the Kiwanis Dollar Days sweepstakes winner, Riley Juenemann. Riley and her club received $250 to spend at the Kiwanis Warehouse for a much- anticipated service project.
    In 2015, when Riley join Key Club at Frederick High School in Frederick, Colorado the club had fallen on hard times, ...

  • Thank you for supporting IHOP's National Pancake Day!

    We want to give a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who participated in this year's National Pancake Day. More than 650 Kiwanis family clubs joined in this annual effort to raise funds for The Children's Miracle Network. That's incredible! Thanks to you, kids at 170 hospitals in the U.S. and ...

  • 31 Spring Break Ideas

    Staying home for spring break this year? Don’t let boredom be an option. Keep yourself busy with these 31 ideas!

    1) Start a project. You have an entire week to work on a new project or finish one that’s been put on hold. Work on scrapbooking, writing, music or ...

  • Make Your Club Great!

    Even the best clubs have room for improvement. Some simple tips can take your club from good to great!


    • Make an agenda and stick to it. Keep on topic and still side chatter to make sure the meeting stays on track and all points of discussion are covered.
    • Create ...

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