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  • March of Dimes Kick-off Webinar

    March of Dimes is hosting a kick-off webinar on March 3rd at 3:30 p.m. ET for all Key Club and Circle K members. We want to help our members understand why the March for Babies is an excellent way to give all babies a fighting chance.

     Register ...

  • Boosting Club Morale


    It’s not uncommon for a club to get into a funk. Morale becomes low and attendance dwindles. It is never too late to turn things around! Here are some helpful tips to get your members excited about being Key Clubbers!

    • Positive Post-its!- Focus on “club” accomplishments instead of “individual” ...

  • 5 ways to thank adult volunteers

    “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.”

    —Randy Pausch

    Chances are, your Key Club has received help from several different adults throughout the year. Teachers, parents, Kiwanians and others have supported your service projects or chaperoned an event. Reach out ...

  • Fast facts about Texas

    1. The state capital is Austin.

    2.The motto of Texas is: Friendship. The name Texas or Tejas was the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word sometimes translated to mean "friends" or "allies."

    3.The Alamo-San Antonio draws in 30 million visitors a year. 

    4.Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, ...

  • The beginner's guide to finding scholarships


    Who doesn’t want money for college? The tricky part can be finding it. Don't despair: A scholarship might be sitting under your very own nose.

    1. Ask your Guidance Counselor- Guidance counselors are a major resource, but students sometimes forget about them. Colleges and organizations send materials for them to ...

  • HERlead- Empowering young women for the future

    The HERlead fellowship and ANN Inc., the parent company of Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey, and Vital Voices, created this incredible platform to connect and strengthen young women in hopes of creating stronger, more impactful leaders for the future. Thirty 10th and 11th grade girls from the U.S., Puerto ...

  • Fall in love this Valentine's Day... with Up with People!

    By: Hayley Lutz

    Our International Family to Yours
    In January and July of every year, a group of young people join together connecting for the first time. These 120 people come from more than 20 countries for the purpose of unifying the world, proving that anyone can work together. Sound ...

  • Scholarships available for summer volunteer travel

    This summer, what if you could travel the world, volunteer in local communities, and meet other Key Clubbers from around the country—all on a scholarship? Rustic Pathways has scholarships available for financial-need-based students who are committed to taking their service global.

    From running a summer camp with local kids in ...

  • 5 ways to be a better friend

    We know you love your friends. But sometimes it's easy to take them for granted. A few simple steps can keep you connected and strengthen your bond.

    1. Listen: Sometimes your friends just need an ear to listen. Taking time to fully process what the person is saying before jumping in ...

  • 14 things to do when you don't have a valentine

    Just because you don’t have a valentine this year doesn’t mean Feb. 14 has to be the most dreaded day of the year. Here are 14 things you can do on Valentine’s Day to fill your (or someone else’s) day with fun, happiness and love.

    1) Volunteer

    Certain places, such ...

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