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Locking out AIDS

A dance group performs during Key Club District of Jamaica's "Lock It, The AIDS Charity Concert" event. On March 5 2009, the Key Club District of Jamaica, in association with the University of Technology’s Circle K International club hosted the first ever Key Club District of Jamaica concert. The event themed: “Lock It, The AIDS Charity Concert,” was held at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium on the university’s campus. The concert was a part of an ongoing initiative of District Governor Shari-Ann Baker to educate and make a significant impact on the lives of the youth in Jamaica, in regards to HIV and AIDS.

The Caribbean is ranked second in the world for HIV/AIDS prevalence and sixth in the world for HIV/AIDS mortality. Baker, realizing the need for more HIV/AIDS awareness and showing a genuine desire to make an impact on the lives of youth, decided to carry out a year-long AIDS awareness campaign. The campaign included fundraisers, such as a tag drive, and finally took the form of the district concert.

The concert began with an opening address by the Allana Ingram, International Trustee from Jamaica. After the address, the event consisted of a series of entertainment presentations including a fashion show and a thrilling performance by the dance group Sashe Empire.

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