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A taste of hunger, a taste of the real world

The Key Club of Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida, treats guests to dinner in the third world.In life, Mary DeLazzer fed the hungry for more than 20 years at Our Daily Bread, a soup kitchen in Bradenton, Florida. After she died in a tragic accident, the Key Club of Southeast High School, Bradenton, took up the cause and raised $2,700 for Our Daily Bread, as well as awareness of the world hunger issue.

The club’s World Hunger Banquet offered attendees the chance to experience a brief glimpse into life in a thirdworld nation. “When people entered the banquet, they drew a ticket out of a box that determined whether they were a person of the first, second or third world,” says club member Kiah Brown. Half of the tickets indicated third world, 35 percent second world and the remaining 15 percent were first world. Then, guests were led to their respective areas. Here’s a taste of what they experienced:

First world
• Nice chairs
• Tables adorned with tablecloths
• Sparkling silverware
• Three-course meal of salad, spaghetti and cake

Second world
• Plain tables and chairs
• A paper plate with rice and beans

Third world
• A small area with only blankets on which to sit
• No plates or utensils
• Only rice to eat—after everyone else had been served

Following the banquet, guests learned about hunger locally and around the world. A grant, food donated by the school’s culinary department and through a silent auction and ticket sales helped support the event.

“The banquet helped remind people to appreciate what they have and to inspire them to help those who are less fortunate,” says club president Severin Walstad.

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