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March for Babies bonanza

How one club strives to save babies

Kaitlynn Lilly and Beth Vest focused on raising money for March of Dimes March for Babies and achieved some incredible results.In the spring of 2008, two Princeton Senior High School (Princeton, West Virginia) Key Club members, Kaitlynn Lilly and Beth Vest, attended the March of Dimes March for Babies. Astounded by the lack of enthusiasm their fellow club members had shown for this activity, they made a pact to turn things around for 2009. They reached out to their club and spread the word, so that everyone was soon determined to show March of Dimes how much the PSHS Key Club cares. Here is their story:

In the spring of 2009, our PSHS Key Club organized a record setting March of Dimes fundraising campaign. The premature infant plight inspired excitement, and Key Club members, along with our student body, collectively raised a whopping grand total of $1,924.84 dollars—an unheard of amount in Princeton High’s recent fundraising history!

Club officers and members fundraised side-by-side throughout the school for two breath-taking weeks, going to each classroom daily during second block to collect donations from eager students.

Planning for this project took hundreds of determined hours; we found informative March of Dimes statistics, created and hung posters and labeled collection jars. Aside from the school-wide friendly class competition to raise the most money, daily announcements reminded students of the pressing needs of babies born too soon. We even managed to get our faculty into the swing of things with a pink and blue jeans casual wear Monday, which everyone enjoyed.

Now, nearly a year has passed and preparations for the second annual PSHS Key Club March of Dimes fundraising competition are about to begin! Of course, this year’s influential members will draw from last year’s past experiences in brainstorming collective ideas and spreading the excitement. We’ll also strive to integrate new traditions. Plans for this year’s kick-off include a revival of some of last year’s traditions, including second block competitions and Pink and Blue Jeans Day along with forging new traditions, such as a possible raffle.

With a future this bright, the Princeton Senior High March of Dimes campaign will be better than ever!

How does your club get involved in the March of Dimes March for Babies? Talk about it on Facebook at

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