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International Convention Wrap Up

International Convention 2010 has finally cone to a close! I say finally, but the week has gone by so fast. 

Touring Memphis on Monday and Tuesday, an awesome Relient K concert on Wednesday, workshops and a great opening session on Thursday and caucusing and Friday, has pushed us all to our limits, but ICON has been a far greater trip than I even expected. It has been incredible meeting other Key Clubbers from around the world, making new friends, and trading pins with them.

The sessions each night were awesome experiences, and the speakers all had great things to share. The biggest and most exciting part though, was electing the new International Board. Caucusing of nominees began Friday, and final voting was Saturday. When you really get into the caucusing, it can be a lot of fun. However, when you combine this with some late nights and early mornings, a little dozing was definitely in store for everyone at some point.

It has been a long, awesome week, but yet it feels like I just got here.  Key Club International Convention has definitely has been an amazing experience that cannot be forgotten.

Lt. Gov. Blake Johnson
The Great Alabama District
Division 4
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