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Get out your good news

Good public relations about your club activities can have a powerful impact on everything you do. When your Kiwanis-family club becomes more visible and credible, more people want to join, existing members stand taller and work harder and more people in your community are served.


But it doesn’t take a public relations expert to increase your club’s coverage in the media. Start with these steps to create your own public relations campaign:


1. Identify media outlets like local newspapers, radio stations, television stations, newsletters and websites; then compile correct contact information.


2. Build relationships with the people who work at these outlets, calling to ask reporters the best way to contact them and what they’d like to know about your club.


3. Prepare your PR tools, starting with a fact sheet about your club, and send it to the outlets you’ve identified.


4. Identify two club spokespeople and work with them until they can speak confidently and knowledgeably about your club activities and Kiwanis as a whole.


For other ways to enhance your public relations skills, see the “Rekindle Your Public Relationship” article in the March 2011 issue of Key Club magazine or check out the PR 101 Guide for Key Clubs.

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