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Show your financial finesse

Your knowledge of financial topics and skill at making videos and web-based games could earn cash prizes up to US$1,000. In the Net Literacy Financial Connects contest, students from across the country are encouraged to submit short videos that teach a lesson about the importance of financial literacy and help their classmates have fun while learning. The contest is presented by the Net Literacy Alliance, a digital literacy nonprofit organization comprised of students, and State Farm Insurance.
Videos and interactive games can be developed by a student, a group of students or as a classroom project. The contest might  provide an opportunity to work together with a local Kiwanis club. Video entries win US$100 to US$500 and web-based games win US$500 to US$1,000, with more than US$100,000 distributed. Prizes will be awarded through the June 30 submission deadline. Following the contest, winning videos and games will be consolidated on the group’s site to serve as a resource for future learning. Find all the details at
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