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Service and fellowship after graduation

Key Club Alumni Association Do More Week November 14-18The Key Club International Alumni Association was created to find new ways for alumni to serve after graduation, to connect with peers all over the world and to maintain a connection with Key Club. There is no cost for membership, and you can register online before you graduate at

To promote awareness and recruit new members, the week of November 14 has been declared Do More Week. Each Key Club is asked to designate 15 minutes during a club meeting to promote the alumni association and allow members to join so your members can Do More as they move on to their next phase in life. 

There are five easy steps:
1. Commit to support Do More Week.
2. Add the Key Club Alumni Association to your agenda for the week of November 14.
3. Share the alumni video and key messaging to all club members.
4. Give seniors a chance to sign up.
5. Let us know how it goes.

To make it easy, the complete campaign guide is available online.

With nearly 65,000 Key Clubbers graduating each year, we must work together to support these young people as they move forward in life.

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