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Numbers never lie: What truths are your website analytics telling you?

Numbers never lie - photo of numbers on a machine printer

“Web analytics is like accounting for the Internet,” according to Reid Carr, founder of San Diego’s Red Door Interactive.  Just as your club hears the treasurer’s report regularly so should it be with your website’s analytics. These numbers should give you enough feedback to determine if your club website is truly a useful tool.

According to the latest research, Web visitors decide whether to stay or to move on in 10 seconds or less. What does that mean for your website? It means that you don’t have long to make a good first impression.

Access your Web analytics to find out if your site is passing the 10-second test. Let those numbers tell you the truth about which pages of your club or district website are getting the longest look and which ones could use some improvements.

You’ve invested time and effort in your website. Use Web analytics to find out how your investment is performing.

[Sources: “The 10-second test” on; and How to Jazz Up Your Website by Max Chafkin and Ryan McCarthy at]

Photo by: eye/see licensed by: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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