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Dr. Robert H. Barron is selected as the 2012 Key of Honor recipient

The prestigious Key of Honor award is the highest honor bestowed by Key Club International. The award recognizes individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in dedicating energy to serving the youth of our nation.

Dr. Barron began serving the Key Club members of Habersham Central High School in 1973 as the Key Club advisor. In his 36 years in this role, Dr. Barron continuously instilled in his students the value and importance of service work and leadership. As a Key Club advisor, Dr. Barron led students in their activities, supported and encouraged them in their endeavors and enabled them to be better than even they believed they could be as the completed their work. He established a standard which students know cannot be compromised.

A member of the Key Club of South Habersham High School for three years, Dr. Barron has more recently re-chartered a suspended Key Club and chartered or re-chartered three Builder’s Clubs at local middle schools. Continuing the demonstration of the importance of service, Dr. Barron has served as Assistant Administrator and currently serves as an Administrator for the Georgia District of Key Club. 

Dr. Barron has earned the respect of both students and faculty members a Habersham Central High School. He has set an enviable example of service for the young men and women he interacts with. In his science classroom, Dr. Barron is professional and caring, leaving no technique or approach untried when it is apparent that a student doesn’t understand a concept. He is available both day and night to any student with needs or concerns. Dr. Barron influences students he supervises and the values that he taught them, both in the classroom and by example in activities like Key Club, have impacted them positively throughout their lives.

He has helped countless students become productive adults who have contributed to our country in becoming leaders. Dr. Barron has dedicated his life to the betterment of children. Robert is the epitome of Key Club’s motto, Caring…Our Way of Life.


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