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8 Reasons Key Club is the best youth leadership group

by: Grace Bampton, Capital District Lt. Governor 10A

  1. The bonds we create with the people we serve and the people we serve with.
  2. The dedication to service.
  3. We are student-led from top to bottom.
  4. Our K-Family! <3 (Key Club can help with transitions, like graduating high school)
  5. It is the largest student-led service group in the world.
  6. Most colleges know who we are and what we stand for.
  7. The fantastic friends we met.
  8. The leadership skills we build. Which could range from public speaking to learning to relate to others better.

3 years ago, I could never guess that I would become so dedicate (or obsessed) with Key Club. I remember walking in to freshmen orientation and seeing all these club booths. Of coarse, there was one in particular that stood out. It was Key Club. Being and freshmen, logically I was afraid to ask the seniors at the booth, what in the world is Key Club? So after casually walking back and forth pass this booth trying to read it and almost leaving the fair, I run back and signed up for Key Club. Through my years in Key Club, my favorite thing to do is watch my freshmen grow as people and leaders. I have met so many friends, that I hope to stay in contact with for the rest of my life, like my members, Key Leader friends, and board members. One of my friends who is in charge of mentoring new students told me that when her student joined Key Club, he felt that he did not need her any more. He had made so many friends through Key Club and had found a place he belonged and felt welcome.

Since then I have made many more memories that will last a lifetime.

What is your favorite Key Club Memory or why did you join Key Club?

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