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We don't make Keys, we open doors.

by: Matt Dunaj

One of the things I heard at my first Key Club meeting was that in Key Club we don’t make keys, but we do open doors.

As a skeptical sophomore I passed this off as just a cheesy slogan, but after being in Key Club for more than two years, I can say that there is no truer Key Club slogan. This organization has the ability to change your life. There is a great quote by Bob Marley that says “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet,” this sums up Key Club perfectly. If you open yourself up to this organization, it will give back whatever you put into it ten-fold. If you become involved, it easily becomes a way of life.

After being on the Michigan District Board for two years, attending two district conventions, and two international conventions I find that I have truly changed for the better. I have become a better public speaker and a more confident leader and I owe it all to the most amazing organization in the world, Key Club International.

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