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Join the fight to end bullying

Millions of children worldwide have experienced bullying at school. Any bullying hurts a student’s self-esteem, but at its worst, bullying could lead to high anxiety, bad grades, dropping out of school or even suicide.

The good news: As a Key Clubber, you can help.

Key Club is taking a stand against bullying with the help of Kiwanis. Through service, you learn about the impact you can make on your community by giving, caring and sharing. Being in Key Club means you are a leader who can show your classmates how to create a safe, bully-free environment.
Bully prevention also promotes Kiwanis-family values: serving the people around us, building better communities for ourselves and future generations, and showing others the importance of the Golden Rule.
The first step: Read about Kiwanis’ position on bullying at Then print out our anti-bullying posters, found on this page, and put them up around your school. Educate your peers about the effects of bullying—and why it should stop.
Join the fight. End bullying.

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