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The Top Five Reasons to Love ICON

By New Jersey District Editor Pak Chau and New Jersey District Lieutenant Governor of Division 16 Erik Lim

Reason #1: The Atmosphere

The 2013 Key Club International Convention was held in Washington D.C. - what better possible place to be than on the weekend of the Fourth of July? With ecstatic Key Clubbers staying a week in the nation's capital, the atmosphere couldn't have been anymore exhilarating. Even better, Key Clubbers got to share the same wonderful hotel as all the other Key Clubbers attending internationally. Waking up every morning  and riding the elevator down to the meeting rooms with other service enthusiasts is a dream for Key Club fanatics. The atmosphere of International couldn't be anymore perfect!

Reason #2: Voting and Delegating

Key Club is the largest and oldest service organization of high school clubs and it is student-led. As Key Club is an international club, it consists of people from various regions around the globe. This is why voting and elections are such an important part of the International Convention. High School students will be leaders to their peers who live across the world. International Convention is a place where one will be able to elect the leaders among leaders as only the best of the best are able to fully represent Key Club as a whole. This year, New Jersey not only got to help decide the International Board, but also got the opportunity to push forward a candidate of our own for International Trustee.

Reason #3: Pin Trading

Pin Trading is one of the things that the New Jersey District looked forward to the most at International Convention. Not only was New Jersey excited to trade because we had the possession of really creative and appealing pins, but we also found enjoyment with exchanging pins as we got to show our Jersey Pride towards other districts with our little ketchup themed pin. Apart from just the design of the pin, the trading process was also a noteworthy activity. Every new pin obtained represented a newly acquired memory about International Convention. Not only did every pin allow Key Clubbers to take something home as a souvenir but every pin trade also sparked newly made friendships.

Reason #4: Cheering on Your District

"NJ ALL DAY" could be heard throughout International Convention the past few days as New Jersey Key Clubbers yelled til their throats were soar. Cheering for your district is always a great way to not only display your pride for your district but also to unify the district as a whole. The combination of such passionate Key Clubbers with creative chant lyrics create a fun-filled aura that will get all of the other districts rowdy and ready for their own chant. New Jersey likes nothing more than to show off just how mighty and enthusiastic we are.


Reason #5: Meeting New People

From the moment you step in the hotel, you are surrounded by a plethora of strangers. But these aren't any ordinary strangers. They are Key Clubbers. That's what New Jersey likes about the Key Club International Convention: the fact that anyone you choose to talk to and choose to meet all have the similar interest of serving the home, school, and community - the fact that they too are Key Clubbers just like us! Whether meeting new people meant establishing connections to help both districts or finding a new friend to hang out with, Key Clubbers got to go into a whole new pool of people that they are sure to get a long with. The friendly New Jersey District  loves nothing more than to make some new friends and even possibly developing long lasting friendships with the new people we meet.
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