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Happy haunting

Key Club Skeleton

It’s finally here: the week of Halloween! What kinds of treats—and tricks—have you and your club planned for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF? We want to know!

Take pictures of your club’s fundraising projects and upload them to Instagram. Use the hashtags #TOT4UNICEF or #KeyClub. Have a really awesome project that you did this year? Tell us all about it. Email the name and details of your event to

Don’t have any plans yet? That’s OK! Here are three simple, last-minute ideas:

1. Host a pumpkin smash. After Halloween, most families no longer want their pumpkins and Jack-o’-lanterns. Ask members of your community if they would like to donate their old pumpkins. Charge students a fee to smash the pumpkins. Be careful, though: It can get messy!

2. Sell baked goods. Whip up some hauntingly good treats—such as graveyard cupcakes or bat-shaped cookies—to sell during lunch. Don’t have time to bake? Make it simple by selling suckers.

3. Guess the number of candy corn pieces. Fill up a large jar with pieces of candy corn. Ask participants to pay US$1 for each guess. Whoever comes closest gets a spooky prize package.

Once you’ve collected all of your donations, send a check or money order (made payable to the Kiwanis International Foundation) and your completed gift form to:

The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office
Kiwanis International Foundation
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA
ATTN: Trick-or-Treat

Be sure to write your club name or club number on the memo line of the check.

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