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Key TV: Meet the Key Club International Board

Want to know more about this year’s Key Club International board? Check out the latest edition of Key TV. Meet these Key Club leaders in person at the 71st Key Club International Convention in Anaheim, California, next summer.

Sound bites

President Raeford: “My favorite movie is Talladega Nights.”

Vice President Rachel: “I love coffee a little bit too much.”

Trustee Avery: “I am a self-proclaimed Netflix addict.”

Trustee Madison: “I guess my hobbies include watching the Walking Dead in my pajamas.”

Trustee Michelle: “The place I am happiest is Barnes & Noble, although I have a bit of a spending problem there.”

Trustee Alberto: “My favorite TV show on the cartoon side is Adventure Time.”

Trustee Renisha: “I’m 16 years of age and going into grade 12.”

Trustee Casey: “I don’t eat any orange candy, at all, ever.”

Trustee Eric: “This floating hair is natural. I don’t put any gel or wax in it.”

Trustee Maria: “I am obsessed with movies: ‘80s movies, chick flicks ... I love them.”

Trustee Kelsie: “I live in Astoria, Oregon. It’s the second [rainiest] town in the United States.”

Trustee Zack: “I am kind of a wannabe hipster. My Starbucks name is Wyatt.”

Trustee Roshni: “I love to watch Mean Girls all of the time.”

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