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11 ways to pay it forward

When we do something kind for friends, family and even strangers, it’s only a matter of time before that kindness comes back to us. Here are 11 ways you can pay it forward—and give yourself some good karma.

1. If you see some shopping carts “hanging out” in the parking lot, take a second to push them back into the cart corrals.

2. Pick up the tab for the person behind you at a fast-food restaurant, coffee shop or car wash.

3. Check out your favorite book in the library. Hide a note of encouragement between the pages for the next person who checks it out to find.

4. The temperatures are getting colder, so who wouldn’t love a warm cup of coffee? Buy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate for a friend “just because.”

5. If you had amazing customer service at a sit-down restaurant, give your waiter or waitress a 100-percent tip.

6. Leave some coins in the change return of a vending machine for the next snack seeker to use.

7. Write a letter to people who have made a positive difference in your life and thank them for all they’ve done. You can either sign it or send it anonymously.

8. If you have some extra coins, find a parking meter that is about to expire and put a few in.

9. Shovel your neighbors’ driveways or rake leaves in their yards.

10. Send someone a “box of sunshine:” a box full of yellow-hued goodies.

11. Compliment a stranger. It seems like the simplest thing to do, but it’s amazing how it can really make someone’s day.

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