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Key Club: What’s beyond the club level?

Key Club wouldn’t exist without you, our amazing members. There are more than 265,000 members just like you who have joined this organization to give back to their homes, schools and communities. But Key Club goes far beyond just the club level. We’re an international organization! Take a peek at how Key Club works.

Member level

There are more than 265,000 members just like you who joined this organization. With that many members, things can get a little hectic, so a structure was created to organize our organization.

Club level

It all starts with members in a club. Key Clubs aren’t limited to schools. Some Key Clubs are based in a community. No matter which type of club you are in, there are a few things every club has in common. For example, clubs have a president, vice president(s), secretary, treasurer and an editor or webmaster. Clubs may also have other leadership positions, such as committee chairs.

(Photo by Kavaleen Singh)

Division level

Your school is clustered together with other schools in the area to form a division. Most divisions host divisional rallies, which are opportunities for you to meet Key Clubbers from other schools while taking part in a service project or social. Divisions are overseen by a lieutenant governor, who is a representative of the district board (see “District” category below). The number of divisions and lieutenant governors varies by district.  

District level

A district is made up of several divisions. There are currently 34 districts within Key Club. Some are made up of only one state (Kansas District), others are made up of multiple states (Minnesota-Dakotas District) and the rest are made up of geographical regions (Pacific Northwest District). Check out the Key Club districts map to see all 34 districts. Each district is led by a district governor who is elected at the district’s annual convention along with the rest of the executive board. The district’s executive board includes a governor, secretary, treasurer (or combined secretary-treasurer) and bulletin editor. Other board positions include the lieutenant governors and any district chairs. If you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, consider running for a district position. Want more information? Talk to your club advisor and the student who currently holds the position you are interested in.

International level

All 34 districts, as well as Key Club nations that don’t fit into any district, make up Key Club International. How international are we? Currently, there are Key Clubs in 32 countries, including Hungary and Ecuador, Key Club’s two newest nations in 2013. Each year, delegates at the Key Club International convention elect a new Key Club International Board that includes a president, vice president and 11 trustees. The trustees oversee districts in a similar way to how lieutenant governors oversee divisions. Together, the Key Club International Board—with the guidance of Kiwanis staff—helps lead our organization and elevates our members’ passion to the next level.

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