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Do you know someone inspiring? A teen who is definitely helping and leading others? A teen with a unique, powerful story who took his or her personal experience and, through service, made it meaningful on a bigger level—a level that really made a difference? That's awesome! Nickelodeon would love to hear about this person—and even shine the HALO spotlight on them!

HALO EFFECT is a new pro-social initiative to recognize teens and young adults who help and lead others in a monthly TeenNick initiative.

 Beginning this month, Nickelodeon will award one US$5,000 prize each month to a teen who helps and leads others in his or her community. Each award winner will be featured across TeenNick platforms and recognized in the press. Award winners must donate the $5,000 they receive to a charity aligned with the cause they support.

Nickelodeon invites its partner organizations—such as Key Club—as well as other service nonprofits, schools and governmental agencies to nominate teens. You can also nominate teens for consideration via

The criteria for winning an award are aligned with the criteria for the annual HALO Awards show. Nickelodeon wants to celebrate teens and young adults (ages 13–19) who are actively working to make an impact in their community or world and focus especially on leadership.

Nickelodeon will review submissions, causes and organizations. Winners will be shared with Nick Cannon, the chairman of TeenNick, after staff has certified the teen’s story.

Winners will be profiled monthly on TeenNick via short-form announcement spot. Their full stories will be highlighted online at\HALO. In addition, winners will be recognized via press announcement and posts on Nickelodeon’s social media channels.

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