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The family that serves together stays together

Each year, all members of the Kiwanis family are encouraged to serve together on Kiwanis One Day. This year, Kiwanis One Day is Saturday, April 5, so mark your calendars and start planning your projects!

So, who’s part of the Kiwanis family?

  • K-Kids (elementary school students)
  • Builders Club (middle school or junior high students)
  • Key Club (us!)
  • Circle K International (university students)
  • Aktion Club (adults 18 and older who live with a disability)
  • Kiwanis International (adults 18 and older) 
The goal of Kiwanis One Day is to team up with as many members of the Kiwanis family as possible to work on a service project. There are no rules or restrictions, so be creative! Past Kiwanis One Day projects have included:
  • Sorting food at a food bank or shelter
  • Working at a Habitat for Humanity build site
  • Freshening up the paint on a community building, such as a Boys and Girls Club 
If your club can’t participate on April 5, that’s OK. Simply celebrate Kiwanis One Day on a different day.

It’s a global effort made up of personal commitments. Thousands of Kiwanis-family members around the world will join together for a day of service. That, my friend, is a pretty big deal.

For more information about Kiwanis One Day and this year’s contest, check out

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