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Is there a teen who inspires you?

Key Club partner Nickelodeon kicked off 2014 with the all-new HALO Effect. Inspired by the TEENNICK HALO Awards, this monthly initiative celebrates teens who are helping and leading others in service. Every month, an outstanding teen leader is awarded US$5,000 to donate to his or her charity of choice. So the question is, who inspires you?

  • Nickelodeon is looking for a teen who is:
  • Making a major impact on the world
  • Leading others to join his or her movement and take action on important causes
  • Making his or her personal experience meaningful on a bigger level—a level that really makes a difference—through service
Know someone who fits that description? Nominate him or her—and give your nominee the chance to help the community even more with the US$5,000 prize donation.

Nominate someone now! Go to 

to make your nomination and learn more about the winners in January and February.

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