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Super service hour

Need a fun service project that you can do during your meeting? Here are two cheap projects that let your members express their creative sides—and make children’s hospital stays much more enjoyable.

Non-slip socks for children

Hospital floors can be very slippery—which can lead to injuries when children who are stuck in the hospital want to play. Make playtime safer by simply decorating the bottom of children’s socks with puffy paint.

  • White children’s socks
  • Puffy paint in a variety of colors
  • Place the sock with the bottom of the foot facing up. (Only paint the part of the sock that kids will stand on.) 
  • Start decorating! Have fun drawing fun images or writing inspirational messages. Remember: Use small amounts of puffy paint at a time to keep it from bleeding through to the other side. 
  • Let the socks air dry after members are finished decorating them. 
  • Once they’re dry, donate them to a children’s hospital.

Decorative pillowcases

When children stay in the hospital, they typically get a boring white pillowcase. Add some fun to their stay by decorating and donating more colorful ones.

  • White pillowcases
  • Permanent or craft markers in multiple colors
  • Cardboard pieces (slightly smaller than the pillowcase)
  • Place the cardboard inside of the pillowcase to prevent the color from bleeding through.
  • Get creative and draw! Think about things that would make a child happy: a sunny landscape, flowers, animals, clouds, anything you can dream of!
  • Donate the pillowcases to a nearby hospital.

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