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31 Spring Break ideas

Staying home for spring break this year? Don’t let boredom be an option. Keep yourself busy with these 31 ideas!

1) Start a project. You have an entire week to work on a new project or finish one that’s been put on hold. Work on scrapbooking, writing, music or whatever else you’re passionate about.

2) Read a good book—or two. Amazon sometimes offers free e-books for a day or two. Check out something new with your Kindle or computer.

3) Watch some Netflix. If you want to start a new TV series, this is the perfect time. You can watch episode after episode with no interruptions. (Just make sure to get up and stretch or exercise every once in a while.)

4) Have a game night. Invite your friends and break out your Wii. Or try it the old-fashioned way: Get out your favorite board games or play a round of cards.

5) Go shopping or travel to a nearby city. Maybe you’re tired of your local mall. Go to one in a nearby city for a change of scenery. Get some friends to tag along. You can split the gas and make a day trip out of it.

6) Take a trip to your local zoo. This could be really fun with a group of friends who are also home for break. Or take your little brother or sister, which is guaranteed to earn you the “Best Sibling of the Year” award.

7) Plan your next service project. Take this time to plan a service project—or even implement one. Get your idea ready to present to your club, and if your club members are interested, create a committee to get it started.

8) Go to the library. Yes, libraries are ideal for checking out books, but they’re also great for random acts of kindness. Write some encouraging notes before you go, then stick them in books throughout the library for others to find.

9) Serve—spring cleaning-style. Clean out your pantry (with your parents’ permission, of course) and take a bag or two of canned or non-perishable food to your local food bank or shelter.

10) Deep clean your room. Yes, this might sound super boring, but you never know what you could find—a $20 bill, a pack of gum, a note about something you forgot—hidden somewhere.

11) Make a bucket list. Think of 100 things you want to do before you graduate from high school or before you turn 25.

12) Plan a photoshoot. Stop taking selfies in the mirror this week. Plan a “real” photoshoot with your friends. Dress up in silly outfits—such as a banana suit—to make it even more fun.

13) Order a pizza online. In the “special instructions” box on the order form, request that someone write a special message or draw a picture on the pizza box.

14) Start a blog. Figure out what you’re really passionate about and start writing about it. Research some of the best blogs in your field for inspiration.

15) Design a T-shirt. Most big service projects have an event T-shirt. Why not design one yourself?

16) Start thinking about college. Maybe some of you already have. Check out college websites and see what they offer—including whether they offer a CKI club or give students the opportunity to start one if there isn’t.

17) Create a new recipe. Become a crazy, cooking scientist and try out something new!

18) Start a résumé. For many upperclassmen, this is the best time to look for part-time jobs and start applying to colleges. It’s never too early to start thinking about creating a résumé or updating one you already have.

19) Make a memory box. Write a letter to yourself about what’s going on in your life. Put it in a box along with a few items to represent yourself right now. Bury it in the backyard (with your parents’ permission!) or hide it in the attic to find years from now.

20) Create a mural. Walk around town with some sidewalk chalk. “Chalk up” some inspirational messages and leave them for passersby to see.

21) Try something new. Explore a new restaurant you’ve never been to before, or stray away from your regular order at a restaurant you eat at frequently.

22) Write a letter. Send a letter or card to your grandparents or a friend who you haven’t talked to in a few years.

23) Learn a new useful skill. Don’t know how to tie a tie? Want to try a new hairstyle? Turn on YouTube and watch a tutorial. You’ll be surprised what you can learn this way.

24) Watch a TED Talk. There’s a TED Talk on just about every topic you can imagine, ranging from leadership and how to live your life to the fullest to optical illusions and how to tie your shoes. The best part is that each talk is 20 minutes or fewer.

25) Solve the puzzle. Take out your newspaper and complete the sudoku puzzle, crosswords and word search. Or go online and create puzzles that your club members could do as icebreakers at your next meeting.

26) Make a playlist. Summer is just around the corner, so that means it’s time to start working on the perfect summer playlist.

27) Start a garden. You might not be a health nut, but chances are there’s at least one vegetable you fancy. Grow a garden in your backyard—or just in a small planter with your favorite veggies—for some fresh produce this summer.

28) Ride your bike. A bike ride is a great way to get outside and get some fresh air. No bike? Get some friends together to play a game of kickball if the weather is right.

29) Make a home video. Gather any friends who are still in town and make your own home video. Create little skits and stitch them together, or make a music video to your favorite song.

30) Perform a random act of kindness. Buy a stranger some coffee, or leave some spare change at a vending machine for the next person to find.

31) Do it all. Challenge yourself to complete all the tasks on this list.
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