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4 last-minute projects for Kiwanis One Day

Need a last-minute project for Kiwanis One Day? Talk to your faculty advisor and see if your sponsoring Kiwanis club has already planned a project you can help with. If you don’t have a sponsoring Kiwanis club, or if the Kiwanians don’t have anything planned, here are four quick and easy projects your club can still do to make a difference with the rest of the Kiwanis family.

1. Clean up a park. Grab some heavy-duty trash bags and gloves and head to your local park for a trash pick-up day. After the park is all cleaned up, turn your service project into a club social. If your park has a grill and picnic tables, host a cookout.

2. Make no-sew blankets. Making no-sew blankets is fun and easy! Check out your local fabric store’s variety of fleece and pick out some pieces with fun colors and designs. Look in the newspaper and online for fabric coupons, or ask the store to donate fleece. After buying the fleece, all you need are several pairs of scissors. Time to start cutting and tying!

3. Visit a retirement community. Host a board game day at your local nursing home or retirement community. Residents will love spending an afternoon with you. If some of your club members feel uncomfortable about going to a nursing home, suggest that they make paper flowers or other spring-themed decorations to donate.

4. Read to children. Talk to your library about hosting a reading hour for elementary school students. Read a fun book and do an activity related to the story. For example, if you read Dr. Seuss’ “The Butter Battle Book,” ask the kids to draw their own butter battle vehicles.
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