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Come together—and make a difference

Imagine a day when everyone does something proactive to make a positive impact on the community. People of all ages, both young and old, would come together to make a difference. Well, that day does exist—and this is your chance to be a part of it! Join the Kiwanis family this Saturday for Kiwanis One Day.

It’s a global effort, but it’s made of personal commitments.

After all, Kiwanis One Day consists of the involvement of all Kiwanis-family members around the world. It begins with your club’s participation. It extends to the impact you have on your community. And it results in an international spirit of service that inspires people worldwide.

There will be no limit to what you can do—and no boundaries on your spirit of fellowship. In fact, your efforts will be echoed by clubs in communities all over the globe.

You can choose to just do a service project with your club or get together with other members of the Kiwanis family: Kiwanis, Aktion Club, Circle K, Builders Club or K-Kids. This is one day when we can make a huge impact in communities and in the world no matter how big or small of a project you do.

Hearing about Kiwanis One Day for the first time? Here are four quick and easy projects your club can still do to make a difference with the rest of the Kiwanis family.

Follow along on Twitter to see what other clubs are doing by following the hashtag #k1day.

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