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Fictional schools that should have a Key Club

Most of us would agree that the world would be a better place if there was an active Key Club at every high school—both real and fictional. We’ve come up with eight fictional high schools that would definitely have amazing Key Clubs.

1. Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
Club president: Hermione Granger
Club advisor: Minerva McGonagall

Muggles aren’t the only ones who have a knack for service. Maybe Key Club would finally unite all four houses.

2. North Shore High School (Mean Girls)
Club president: Glen Coco
Club advisor: Ms. Norbury

We’re assuming that the girl “who doesn’t even go here” was a lieutenant governor visiting another club.

3. Shermer High School (The Breakfast Club)
Club president: Brian Johnson

When not serving a Saturday detention, Brian would definitely be serving his community. Although he’s a tad shy and awkward, Key Club would break him out of his shell.

4. John Adams High (Boy Meets World)
Club president: Topanga Lawrence
Club advisor: Mr. Turner

Topanga would not only make a great club president, but she’d also be an awesome candidate for Key Club International president.

5. East High School (High School Musical)
Club president: Taylor McKessie

East High’s students are already known for randomly breaking out into song at any minute, so coming up with unique Key Club cheers wouldn’t be too hard for them.

6. Tribeca Prep (Wizards of Waverly Place)
Club president: Harper Finkle
Kiwanis advisor: Theresa Russo

Harper’s known for her crazy fashion sense. (Remember that one time she wore a dress with dozens of rubber ducks glued to it?) Imagine the weird and interesting outfits she would wear during her Key Club meetings!

7. Ridgeway High School (iCarly)
Club president: Freddie Benson
Kiwanis advisors: Spencer Shay and Marissa Benson

While filming iCarly, Freddie is always behind the camera. During Key Club meetings, however, he would be front and center! Let’s be real: His mom would totally join Kiwanis International ASAP and become the club’s Kiwanis advisor.

8. William McKinley High School (Glee)
Club president: Marley Rose
Club advisor: Emma Pillsbury

Word on the street is that—spoiler alert!—Sue Sylvester finally got the glee club to disband. What could be a better activity for the glee club members of New Direction than Key Club? They can show those Cheerios what a real cheer sounds like.
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