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8 signs you might be suffering from “Post-DCON Syndrome”

For those of you lucky enough to go to a district convention this year, you know all too well that “Post-DCON Syndrome” (otherwise known as PDS) is real. Here are 8 signs you might be suffering from PDS:

1. You waited to unpack your suitcase when you got home because that would mean that DCON is really over.

2. You still have DCON cheers stuck in your head.

3. You get bummed out when you look at your DCON name tag hanging up in your locker or in your room.

4. You can’t stop tweeting about how much you miss DCON.

5. Other events don't seem as exciting when compared to how awesome DCON was.

6. You take it personally if one of your friends says something not-so-nice about Key Club.

7. No one in your family understands why you are so sad after DCON. “No, Mom, this isn’t something I can just snap out of!”

8. You finish reading this list and all of the DCON feels come right back.

*Experiencing PDS is not limited to members who attended a district convention. Because many members live-tweeted their experiences and flooded Instagram and Facebook feeds with pictures, members who didn’t go can also experience PDS.

Right now, there are two cures for PDS. If you aren’t a senior, your best best is to work even harder at Key Club next year. The more amazing things you do with your club, the more exciting your district’s convention will be next spring. (And there's always Key Club International convention this summer!) 

If you’re a senior, you can still fill your DCON needs by joining CKI or Kiwanis International after graduation. Find out more about Kiwanis, our sponsoring organization, and CKI, the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis family.

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