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Life of service with the Kiwanis family

Dear Key Club members,

Thank you for your service to your school, your community and the world. As part of Key Club, you expand the reach of the entire Kiwanis global network of service. Your work with Key Club allows the Kiwanis family to reach more people in need. You should be proud of the positive impact we are making in the world.

Your service to the community and the world shouldn’t end when you walk across the stage at graduation. The work you do in the community is too important. Upon completion of your time with Key Club and after your 18th birthday, I am pleased to welcome you as an associate member of Kiwanis International through the Key Club Alumni group.

There is no cost to be an associate member. And, the best part is that you’ll continue to be part of the Kiwanis global network, which will allow you to participate in service opportunities and be invited to special events. You will also be able to access the many intrinsic values of Kiwanis, including connecting to your community, making friends wherever you go and developing leadership skills. You will receive the alumni’s e-publication and other communications from the Kiwanis network. We hope this connection with Kiwanis will encourage you to continue a life of service.

If you are looking to increase your impact on the world even further, there are special benefits for Key Club Alumni who join a traditional Kiwanis club. These associate members don’t pay a new member fee or Kiwanis International dues for the first two years. We can help find a club near you that meets your expectations.

It is such an exciting time to be involved in the Kiwanis family as we prepare for our 100thanniversary of improving the world, one community and one child at a time. Thank you for what you are doing today to make the world a better place and for the remarkable things you will do in the future as a part of the Kiwanis global network of service. 

As I say in my native language, mit freundlichen Kiwanisgrüßen, which means “with friendly Kiwanis greetings.”

Gunter Gasser
2013-14 President
Kiwanis International

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