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7 gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Shopping for a perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky, but we have a list of easy things you can do to leave a smile on your mom’s face.

Being a mom is probably one of the toughest jobs ever. Don’t think so? Check out this YouTube video of people being interviewed for a job position.

So what do you give your mom, grandmother, aunt or another woman who has given so much to you? Here are some ideas.

1. A day off and a night out

If you have younger siblings, offer to babysit for the day. Give your mom something fun to do on her day off, such as a spa package (you can find great deals on Groupon!) or a gift card for the movies or the mall.

2. Imagination station

Add a creative tagline or compliment to your present. For example, if you buy your mom an aromatherapy candle, you could write “You’re the light of my life, Mom!” on the lid. Cheesy compliments are encouraged!

3. A picture-perfect family

Buy or make your own frame with a picture of you and your mom (or your entire family). If you don’t have a picture with your mom, get a friend to take a silly picture of just you or one of you with your siblings. Make it personal and fun for your mom.

4. Classic “mom and me” day

High school students are busier than ever these days—and your mom is, too. Dedicate one day this weekend to hang-out time with your mom. Take her to Starbucks for a coffee and some catching up, or go to a museum.

5. A thank-you gift for helping me grow

Buy a ceramic flower pot and draw a picture, write a message or press your fingerprints on it. Then plant your mom’s favorite flowers in the flower pot.

6. Crossing off the chore list

Doing chores isn’t the most exciting thing to do, so let your mom off the hook for a weekend. Take on her normal chores, such as vacuuming, washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

7. Get inspired by Pinterest

Need more ideas? We’ve created a Pinterest board of fun and easy projects you can make.

Whatever you buy or make for your mom for Mother’s Day, just make sure it’s something meaningful and from the heart.

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