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Meet the 2014–15 Key Club International Board!

At the annual Key Club International convention, students representing clubs from around the world vote on a new Key Club International board. This year, delegates from more than 600 clubs elected the following students to lead the organization:

Key Club International president
Maria Palazzolo
Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

Key Club International vice president
Kevin Zhang
Pacific Northwest District

Key Club International trustees (11 total)

Jenalee Beazley
Southwest District

Gary Cheng
Michigan District

Renisha Daley
Jamaica District

Tashrima Hossain
Texas-Oklahoma District

Laken Kelly
New York District

Nicole Lema
New Jersey District

Rip Livingston
Alabama District

Robbie Mathis
Kentucky-Tennessee District

Shane Meyers
Florida District

Liz Moore
Capital District

Barry Seng
Pennsylvania District

At the first Key Club International board meeting later this month, Maria Palazzolo and Kevin Zhang will determine which districts trustees will be assigned to this year. (Trustee assignments take into consideration several factors, including district convention dates.) Watch Key Club’s official social media channels to see who will be representing your district.

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