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Staying true to the new you

We’re almost through the month of January. Are you still on track with your “New Year’s Resolutions?” One of the most common ones is to be “healthier”—but what does that really mean? Here are a few tips to create a healthier you for 2017!

1. Make Smart Food Choices: OK, this is an obvious one, but so important. When you replace a greasy burger and fries with something fresh and leafy, you allow your body to refresh itself. Add grilled chicken to a salad for some healthy protein to power you through the day! DON’T FORGET TO DRINK WATER.

2. Exercise More: Again, another obvious tip, but an essential one. Don’t feel like you must run 10 miles if you don’t even jog now. Start smaller. Ride your bike, use the stairs more often or take the longer route to class. The extra steps will get your blood pumping and your energy levels up! 

3. Give Yourself More Time: Our lives can sometimes get out of hand. Practices, club meetings and heavy course loads can have you running in circles. Allow yourself time. Don’t devote every minute to all of your daily commitments; build relaxing breaks into your schedule. Add buffer time between activities in case a meeting or practice runs long. That extra time will alleviate any unwanted stresses if you feel you are getting behind. 

4. Breathe: Tip 3 and 4 work wonderfully when used together. Take time to simply breathe. *Inhale* -slowly. *Exhale*-slowly. Take a few moments to clear your brain. Pausing to breathe can help you re-center and refocus. 

5. Get More Sleep: Just like your smart phone needs to be recharged, so does your body. And teens need more sleep than kids or adults. Get at least 9 hours of sleep each night. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on a new day! 

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