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Celebrating the Key Club year

As the school year winds down, take time to celebrate everything your members have accomplished. Here are four ways that advisors can show appreciation.

  1. Graduation stoles, cords and medallions. Recognize seniors by ordering Key Club graduation gear that they can proudly wear on their graduation day.
  2. The year in pictures. At a club meeting, hang pictures or present a slide show of the club’s members, service projects, fundraising events and meetings. Then have members share their favorite Key Club moments from the year.
  3. Handwritten notes. Taking the time to handwrite your appreciation is very special. As an advisor, you make an impact by simply writing a note to individual members. Recognize them personally for their effort and hard work throughout the year.
  4. Connect them with Circle K. Encourage graduating Key Club members to continue their path of servant leadership by joining a Circle K club at their college or university.
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