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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Hospitalized infants and children need special pharmaceuticals and equipment engineered to work with their small stature. From the tiniest tube or milliliter of medication to ECMO, a formidable device that acts as an artificial lung outside the body, medicines and machines that help sick kids get well are specialized - and high priced. Skilled pediatric professionals armed with evolving treatments and expensive tools work to save more than 14 million children annually from life-threatening injuries, birth defects, cancer, and numerous other ailments.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) is a nonprofit organization that raises money to benefit hospitalized kids while increasing awareness of its member hospitals. All CMN Hospitals contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay.

More than 170 children's hospitals are affiliated with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Find a Children's Miracle Network Hospital near you and learn about the work they are doing in your community.

How Key Club helps
In 1997, Key Club made Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals a preferred charity for its members to support.

Project Ideas for Key Clubs

Key Club members can participate in service projects at their local children's hospital in the following ways:
Stalling for Spare Change: The more money the school raises, the longer class is stalled for that day. So classes will be delayed 1 second for every $.50 raised. If the school raises $1,000, that is 2,000 seconds (33 minutes and 33 seconds).

Music Lessons for Miracles: Kids thatcan play certain instruments offer to teach other students for a donation to the hospital.

Fashion Show/Auction: Get clothes donated by students, families, etc. (like prom dresses, or even regular clothes) and have patients from hospitals model them. Another version of this could be a “Men’s Fashion Show.”

Movies for Miracles: Host a movie night in the gym or on the football field. You can’t require tickets or donations for the movie (copyright laws), however you can ask for donations and/or sell concessions for cash. A school could also do a movie making contest where each entry pays an entrance fee and then attendees are judges.

Other Project Ideas

• Pageant for Miracle Kids.
• Cook off/eating contest.
• Making and selling trinkets like bracelets and earrings.
• Sports tournament – soccer, dodgeball, tennis, etc.
• Rubber duck race.
• 5K fun run.
• Miracle Day at a local business – restaurant, store, etc. donates a percentage of sales during a period of time to the local hospital.
• Miracle concert using local bands and/or student performers.
• Used toy sale – items donated by students and sold at a garage style sale.
• Biking for bucks – have students decorate their bikes and do a bike parade/5k. Each entry must pay entry fee and raise a specified amount for the local hospital to participate.
• Carnival for kids.
• DJ showdown – have local amateur DJs enter a showdown. Local radio stations can sponsor and attendees pay cover charge to enter plus DJ pays to play.
• Talent show – can be done as a multi-stage competition with a grand prize at the end.
• Miracle passes for pay – for every set amount raised, the student get a  pass for a homework assignment or pop quiz.
• Special dress day – if the school requires a uniform, pay to wear jeans or if there isn’t a uniform policy, pay to wear pajamas or silly hats, etc.
• Ugly officer competition – who can dress the ugliest?
• Paint the city (or school) in Miracles – Create a designated line or circle, etc. and fill it with money.