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Five tips for a fantastic year

You’ve graduated from high school and left your Key Club days behind. Now you’re in the rush of university life, but the transition is not as easy as you might think. Classes, independence, new friends, laundry—the list goes on and on, and even in the fun times ahead you’ll probably experience some stressful situations. No worries: There are numerous online resources—like this webpage—to help you. Take a minute to review these five easy tips to make your first semester not only fun but successful.

1. Get organized. High school teachers often lead you through homework and due dates. In college, professors post the assignments and expect you to be prepared. Download a new organizer app for your iPad, de-clutter your desk, buy a big calendar whatever it takes.

2. Don’t go home every weekend. It is natural to feel homesick, but leaving your new university every weekend does not give you a chance to develop new relationships. Take advantage of social and cultural events through your university or have coffee after class with someone new.

3. Attend class. No matter how sleepy you are, get up and go. The fact is, you are paying for that class. Why would you buy something expensive and rarely use it?  Plus, class is a great place to meet new friends or that special someone.

4. Explore unique class opportunities. Many universities offer classes ranging from “Photography 101” to “A History of Rock and Roll” to a physics course called “The Science of Superheroes.”  Enhance your interests or explore completely new ones. You might find a new hobby or even a new career.

5. Take advantage of free or discounted events. As a student, you can enjoy plays, concerts, sports games and other public events that normally might not be affordable on a student’s budget. The prices will go up once you graduate, so get out to that soccer game or cultural festival today.