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Jump in and get going

Being an active and engaged resident on campus creates a better overall university experience, so get involved right away. Universities are full of organizations and activities of all kinds. For example, there are 733 registered clubs on Duke University’s campus! 

Of course you’ll find your place in CKI—the Kiwanis-family service club for university students— which is the largest of its kind. Finding your niche within your university may not be easy, but it’s worth the effort. Start your research today to create an active educational experience. 

CKI. Staying in the Kiwanis family will not only provide you with a familiar environment to meet new friends, but also let you continue serving and leading. If there isn’t a CKI club at your university, you have the exciting opportunity to start one.

Social sororities and fraternities. For more than 100 years, men and women have been joining social fraternities and sororities. There may be two or three chapters at your university, or you might find dozens to choose from. Even if you are not interested in joining, you can go through their recruitment activities just to meet new friends.

Join your residence hall activity committee or board of directors. At most universities, a group of students research and plan programming for all students living in the residence hall. Whether you want to help make popcorn for a movie showing, organize a building-wide service project or something in-between, get involved and see where your skills can be put to use.

Program and activities board. This student group helps plan many of the activities on university campuses. The group often has different names at different schools, so do a little research to locate one at your university. 

Get involved in your university theater. If the acting bug has not caught you, you might be surprised to learn all of the interesting roles—managers, stage crews, costume makers—needed around a university’s theatre department. 

Keep up your cardio routine and meet new friends. Most schools have some form of non-competitive sports. Some schools host intramurals, others organize weekly games. Whatever you call it, jump in and get moving. Aside from the benefits of keeping your health in check, this is a great time to meet new people around something you enjoy.